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The Rector’s pages:       

“Do as you would be done by” was a much used phrase when I was at school - it was probably over used - but the sense of this was that we should treat others the way that we want them to treat us.   This principle is a favourite theme of Jesus and is mentioned a number of times in the Gospels.   

When asked asked which of the Ten Commandments were the most important, Jesus replied that we should love God and “love your neighbour as your self”.   Too illustrate this he told the now well known story of the rescue of a Jew, by a Samaritan, on the road to Jericho (Luke 10:29), where the latter - whose people were the sworn enemies of his people - rescued the former after he had been attacked, robbed and left for dead on the roadside.   In this story two people had already passed by the injured man who should have offered help to him (a priest; a Levite who were a special class of assistant priest). The duties of their profession alone required them to assist, never mind the moral implications and the customs of their country.  But not only did they walked on, but they crossed over the road to avoid him!   The Samaritan not only stopped, but putting aside his own itinerary took the injured traveler to an Inn and paid for his room and board while he recovered.   He behaved in a way that he hoped others would treat him if he were ever attacked and injured.

When Jesus’ disciples asked him what to say when praying to God, he gave them the words that we call “The Lord’s Prayer” in which he says, “forgive us our trespasses AS WE FORGIVE those who trespass against us”.  (Matthew 6:5)The message here is very clear; God will forgive us for the wrong we have done (and/or the good that we have not done) in the same way that we forgive others who wrong us (and/or do not do good by us).   Many of us will have memories of two young children fighting; we pull them apart; ask them why they fight; tell them to say sorry; only to see a very reluctant, grumpy “sorry”!  They are not sorry at all and their apology is only a word.   

The Christian principle here is very simple, indeed it is not just a religious rule but a mainstay of any caring community.   We all want to be respected and treated with politeness and consideration; but what have we done to earn that; are we polite and respectful to those we meet?   Very few of us will be called upon to rescue someone as the Samaritan did, but shouldn’t his actions be our guiding light in everyday life?   If we broke down whilst driving somewhere,  or tripped and fell in the street, wouldn’t we want someone to stop and help us?  When we say sorry, do we really mean it?


Saturday 9th April - morning
Puckington Church Coffee Morning at Peelmead, Puckington

Tuesday 12th April - 2.00pm
Kingstone Church - Service of Thanksgiving for Gwen Watts

Saturday 23rd April - evening
Dowlish Wake Church - St George’s Day concert

Saturday 30th April - morning
Kingstone Church - May Fair

Saturday 7th May 
Dowlish Wake Plant Sale - further details later

Sunday 29th May
Stocklinch Church - Cream Teas in an English garden! - further details later.

From the Church Registers
1st March Ada Drayton, 103 years; funeral service at Shepton Beauchamp, followed by burial with her husband Fred.
9th March       Phyllis Ranson, 90 years; funeral service at Dowlish Wake, followed by burial with her husband John.

From other records
13th March     Roger Sage of Kingstone; died 13th March.

First Sunday Services - Sunday 1st May
08.45am  Dowlish Wake 1662 Communion
10.00am Kingstone Worship 4 All
10.30am Shepton         Modern sung Communion
6.00pm Barrington Sung Evensong 


Buttle Close Common Room - Shepton Beauchamp
We meet at 11.30am on the first Thursday of each month in the Common Room of Buttle Close for a short, gentle service of prayers, hymns, readings and a story.   Everyone is very welcome.
Weekday Communions
Shepton on Tuesdays at 10.30am.
These services are 30 minutes long, simple Communion Services to reflect, pray and give thanks.

for Rogation time

St Michael’s Cudworth to St James’ Chillington

Sunday 8th May 2016
10.30am start at Cudworth 
(refreshments available at Cudworth from 10.00am)
(9.40am meet at Chillington for a ride over on the tractor and trailer)

By kind permission of the owners of Knights Farm and the Lane Family, we will walk from St Michael’s Cudworth through Knight’s House Farm, Cudworth Woods, and Longacre Farm to St James’ Chillington

There will be a short Rogation service at Cudworth to begin.
Breakfast at Cudworth; tea/coffee/cake at Chillington on completion.

Well behaved dogs on leads welcome. 

The walk is no more than 3 miles (5km) and you can park at either Chillington or Cudworth as there will be a tractor and trailer ride to get you from one village to the other at the start or end of the walk.


The Isle Abbotts community choir welcomes members from surrounding villages to sing joyful songs and harmonies. We meet on Monday evenings from 7.30-9.30pm at Isle Abbotts Village Hall TA3 6RR. No need to read music and no auditions. Men particularly welcome! We will be one of 25 choirs singing for Wateraid on July 10th in Bath. If you would like to join us for this magical event and help raise money for wells and safe water around the world, please get in touch with David Sutcliffe 01460 281440. We start Wateraid practices in March. 

Your Village Church - your chance to have a say in its running or to ask questions - Annual General Meetings:
Will be held on the following dates - in the relevant church
Mon 11th April - KINGSTONE - 7.30PM
Tue 12th April - BARRINGTON - 7.00pm
Wed 13th April - CHILLINGTON - 7.30pm
Tue 19th April - PUCKINGTON - 7.30pm
(NB - held at Rose Cutter’s Cottage)
Wed 27th April - CUDWORTH - 6.30pm
Wed 19th May - STOCKLINCH - 7.00pm
Mon 16th May - DOWLISH WAKE - 7.00pm
SHEPTON BEAUCHAMP - to be notified

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