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The Rector’s pages:  

Going to Church is never easy.

There are so many other things to do, or that need doing, and Sunday is often the only time most folk get to do them.   In the country this is not helped by two important things that our village churches do; first we have a variety of services to appeal to a range of tastes; second, because we are in a group of eight churches we can’t have services at the same time every Sunday.  Consequently we can’t even get into the habit of going to church because each Sunday is different.

How do we get round this?   The simplest way to do it is to choose a service that you like and then go to it no matter what!   You might have enjoyed 1662 Evensong or Communion but got out of the habit of going; you might want a more informal style in which case the “Worship 4 All” might suit you; something a bit deeper would bring you to the modern language (CW) Holy Communion. 

Alternatively you might enjoy something very “English country church” in format in which case we have a series of Harvest Festivals coming up which you might find inspiring.   A service which everyone can join in with; popular and singable hymns; some thoughts and prayers that remind us of the beauty and bounty of mother-nature and the hard-work of the farmers who live and work amongst us.
Sun 17th September
- 7.00pm - at Puckington

Sun 24th September 
- 10.00am - at Dowlish Wake
- 11.15am - at Stocklinch
(Harvest Lunch for Chillington and Cudworth villages)
- 6.00pm - at Kingstone

Sun 8th October
- 12.30pm - at Shepton Village Hall 
- harvest lunch with short service afterwards

Sun 15th October
- 10.00am - at Barrington

Thanks to you, my Lord Jesus Christ, for all the benefits you have given me. Most merciful redeemer, friend and brother, may I know you more clearly, love you more dearly, and follow you more nearly, day by day.  Amen.

Supporting the hungry - Harvest Offerings:   
it has long been the custom for us to bring foodstuffs to the harvest festival services to give to those who struggle to pay for their food.   Four of our churches will be following this custom again this year and collecting dry/tinned food to go to the local food banks.  If you would like to help please bring your boxes/tins to the Harvest Festival service OR you can leave them in the church before hand.   Churches taking part are:   
Barrington, Puckington, Shepton Beauchamp, Stocklinch.

First Sunday Services - Sunday 1st October 2017
Barrington - 6.00pm Evensong 1662
Cudworth - 11.15am Modern Communion
Dowlish Wake - 8.45am Communion 1662 
Kingstone - 10.00am Family Service
Shepton Beauchamp - 10.30am Modern Communion


Dowlish Wake - Sun 3rd September at 6.00pm
Songs for Summer - to celebrate the Dowlish Wake Flower Show
- favourite and singable hymns and popular light poetry 
- outside the church if fine, inside if wet!

Cudworth - Fri 29th September - 7.00am (am!)
short Communion Service (open to all folk) to celebrate the sun rise 
on St Michael’s Day
with a light breakfast afterwards

Buttle Close Common Room - Shepton Beauchamp
We meet at 11.30am on the first Thursday of each month in the Common Room of Buttle Close for a short, gentle service of prayers, hymns, readings and a story.   Everyone is very welcome.

Weekday Communions
Shepton on Tuesdays at 10.30am.
This service is 25 minutes long, simple Communion Service to reflect, pray and give thanks.

From the Church Registers
13 July     Chris Gold, 61 yrs; funeral service and burial at Norton sub Hamdon.
15 July    Ryan Heal & Sarah Coombes; joined in holy matrimony at Dowlish Wake.
22 July.   Alec Brand & Laura Brunt; joined in holy matrimony at Shepton Beauchamp.
1 August Leslie Arman, 87 yrs; ashes interred with his wife Sylvia at Dowlish Wake.
12 August       Willow Mervin; holy baptism at Kingstone.


Sun 3rd September - Dowlish Wake Flower Show
See notice later in Web
6.00pm - Songs for Summer 
Closing the show with a cheerful and thoughtful service to give thanks.

Sat 16th September - 10.30
Puckington - Joan’s Harvest Coffee Morning
in Puckington Church

Sun 24th September
 Chillington & Cudworth 
Harvest Lunch (in Cudworth church)

Sat 30th September  - 7.00pm
Shepton Beauchamp Suppertime Concert 
with the Kingsbury Band (in church)

THANK YOU:  A very big thank you to everyone who has helped - in any way - with the recent fundraising events.   For those raising the money….thank you for your hard work and time; for those supporting…..thank you for your help and generosity…..

16 July Stocklinch “Boule and buns” - raised £101 - big thank you to the Kents for organising and hosting the event.
21 July   Kingstone Ceilidh - raised £1160 - well done!
29 July Dowlish Wake Duck Race - an incredible £1520 raised to be shared between church running costs and defibrillator for the village.

All of the funds raised are for the constant work need to run, maintain and repair, the village churches.

Dowlish Wake/Kingstone and local areas - waste paper collection
The money raised from this goes to the Pavilion and Kingstone Church.
   I wanted to remind everyone of the waste paper collection at the Dowlish Wake playing field, on the second weekend of each month. Unfortunately, the trend for the weight collected has been going down over the course of this year. It is difficult to understand why this is, as our consumption of paper and cardboard throughout the community does not usually vary much. I know there is competition from other collections such as in Ilminster and I understand it is very easy to put paper and cardboard in the weekly council boxes, so could I politely ask that if you could save it up for our collection instead, the Trustees would be very grateful. It is an important part of the earnings stream for both charities.

Education - What remains when we have forgotten all that we have been taught.(Lord Halifax)
Etiquette - Behaving yourself a little better than is essential. (Will Cuppy)
Exercise - What you get when you walk from the front door to your car. (Anon)

Experience - The name everyone gives to their mistakes. (Oscar Wilde)

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